All requests should now be created on the new website here. This site is currently disabled in favor of the new one.

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Requestors can request items to be purchased through a purchase request.  Each purchase request can have a total cost of no more than $3000.  A requestor can have one purchase request open at one time.  When the purchase request is complete, submit the request to be approved. Once a request is submitted it will be evaluated by the Logistics Group. They will either approve and purchase the request as is, edit the request before purchasing or deny the request. An email will be sent when the request is either rejected or purchased.

The VA has mandated that remanufactured cartridges be purchased whenever they are available. If an OEM toner cartridge is ordered Access Products Inc has been instructed to replace it with a suitable remanufactured cartridge if one exists unless the purchaser has a waiver from the head of VA purchasing.