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Imaging Systems LLC, dba Access Products Inc. is proud to be an authorized distributor of AbilityOne items. As of August, 2010 Access Products has increased the number of  AbilityOne and SKILCRAFT items we carry by more than 400%. This allows you to support blind or otherwise severely disabled Americans while paying competitive prices and saving resources by using remanufactured products, which keeps old cartridges out of landfills and saves up to 4 quarts of oil per cartridge.

The AbilityOne Program generates jobs for over 42,000 Americans who are blind or otherwise severely disabled through the manufacturing of products and the provision of services required by Federal customers. The AbilityOne Program is also a “required source of supply” per FAR 8.7. As a service to our valued customers, we have removed all products that are "essentially the same" (ETS) as an AbilityOne item to ensure all your office product purchases are AbilityOne compliant. We also continually review FAR requirements to ensure we do not offer ETS products. If you happen to order a commercial item which has been deemed (ETS) as an AbilityOne item, we will contact you to arrange substituting the AbilityOne item.   In addition to AbilityOne products, we carry SKILCRAFT brand name products as well. Click here for our full listing of AbilityOne and SKILCRAFT products.